This video tutorial is by SikleYield.

For this tutorial you need:

Genesis 3 Female from

Genesis 8 Female from

An item of clothing for one of them that you want to convert to the other one.

Here’s a Genesis 3 Pose for Genesis 8, to save time. You can also make your own.

Scene Tab and Parameters Tab in DAZ Studio 4.9. If you lack a tab, you can add it using Window–Panes (Tabs) and clicking the one that you need.

Preliminary updates from people’s questions/comments:

The Content Management Service/Smart Content has to be on and working to use this method. If you cannot see the compatibility base it is not on. Check the bottom of the smart content tab for a “Start cms” button.

This will only work between these two figures, possibly between their male counterparts in the future if there is a G8 male. It will not work between any previous figures, or between these and previous figures.

This also works on hair. Hair and clothes are not different in the way they are rigged. Everywhere that I say clothing you can also take that to mean hair except that you don’t even need to worry about posing the arms and legs, just changing the scene identification.