Project Evolution the Early Edition was finally released early this month (January 4th, 2018, I believe), after so many years of waiting we can finally play with a new and crazy ambitious female Poser figure!

She is being developed by Erogenesis. She is the figure that promises a denser mesh, is anatomically correct, and has better bending ability.

    • Female Poser figure
    • Moderate resolution, homogeneous polygon flow
    • Dizzying number of morphs, especially face morphs
    • Detailed bending, simulating compressed flesh using JCMs
    • Very flexible but realistic rotations
    • Simple yet flexible Hair with several options
    • Nice bikini by ghostman with two material options (more coming)
    • Detailed instructions and poses to help get to know her
    • Introduction scene to start you off
    • Several characters spanning global ethnicity
    • Some lights, scenes with render settings, and tips
The Early Edition is basically the complete package, with a few things that still remaining to be refined. In the next few months Erogenesis will be listening to the Poser community and taking notes, as well as making some add-ons and helping the product artists make content for her. We have to be patient, and do let Erogenesis know what you think.

Over the next few months expect updates for Project Evolution as this is just the beginning. I know that she will be a hit with the Poser community as most of the new weight-mapped figures in the market have been hammered in the forums and mostly about how they lack mesh density in certain key areas for product artists to work their best magic.

So relax, read the documentation, be patient, and take your time to get to know her. Hang out at the official Project Evolution forum at CGBytes, the Smith Micro’s Poser forum, and the Renderosity forums. Erogenesis is busy answering questions when he can. There are, also, quite a few beta testers that have been experimenting with her for some time and they pretty much know how to work with her. They’ll probably find you too if you have questions in the forums.