Here’s a free set of Iray material presets for the Scout Outfit for Genesis 3 Female.

You must own the product in order to use these Iray material presets.

No permission is given to distribute or host this file anywhere else online or packaged with any other software.

If you want to make others aware of this free product please provide a link to this post.

If you want to get the mid-collar section to match the rest of the desert camo, you will have to modify the texture as that section of the collar and the mid-section of the jacket are one zone. Luckily the mid-collar section is separated into two UV islands and can be easily selected to make the color changes. As shown selected in the sample template.

1) Make a copy of the texture file jacket-Map2.jpg and rename the copy to jacket-Map2-Iray.jpg

2) Load the file jacket-Map2-Iray.jpg into Photoshop.

3) Select the mid-collar section pieces.

4) Change the color to RGB: #C39F65 without destroying the sections’ details.

An easy way to make that color change in Photoshop is to use the Brightness/Contrast feature.

With the collar pieces selected go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast and in the pop-up dialog-box enter -60 for Brightness and check Use Legacy. That’s it. Save the texture back. I usually resave as PNG so as not to compress the image any further. Finally, just exchange the modified texture for the original one in the jacket’s Material03 zone’s Base Color parameter.

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