Update (Jan. 4th, 2018): The long wait is over, Project Evolution is finally here.

I can’t wait until Erogenesis’ Project E female figure is made available publicly. It will be the most realistic figure ever, all the way down to the you know what; that part, as well, will be integrated.

I have seen renders of some of the past meshes and the arm pit, the elbow bends, with the natural poking elbow bone, was fantastically done. The best I have seen. And the pose was so natural even compared to Genesis 3. And those morphs are reminiscent of actual girls and not the runway models we are more accustomed to.

You can keep yourself up-to-date at Erogenesis’ Blog. A DAZ Studio version is also a possibility, as was mentioned before, but currently we will have to wait to hear an official response to that issue.

You can follow the conversation on these forum threads:

Official Project E forum at CGBytes.

Project E thread at the Runtime DNA forum.
Project E thread at the Renderosity forum.

According to the specs there are more features to come.

Erogenesis’ Project E:

– Entirely new mesh
– Entirely new rig
– V4 Equivalent Polycount
– Expression handles (Octane friendly)
– PP2014 Compatible
– Minimal JCMs
– T-Pose Rig (mesh designed for A-Pose)
– Articulated toes (perhaps two digits)
– Carpal bones
– Detailed ocular anatomy
– Integrated ‘erogenous zones’
– Integrated oral anatomy
– Double upper & lower lashes
– more to come

UV islands:
– head
– torso
– arms
– legs
– eyes
– lashes
– fingernails
– toenails
– mouth
– teeth
– genital areas