Copperhead VTOL dropship from movie The Spirits Within.

Just playing around with enhancing textures for Iray.

I used Mec4d PBS Shaders vol.1 for Iray.

This 3D model comes as one whole prop with just the front landing gear extended. The file is in FBX format. I took it into Hexagon and broke apart the landing gear and bay doors and created both a flying and a landed version of the model. Hexagon 2.5 did a great job of keeping the UVs in place!

I don’t model myself. I am just learning how to UV and texture models. The video tutorial Modeling in Hexagon – Fantasy Tower came in very handy in helping me achieve what little I did with the Coppherhead.

Some products used in this render:

iRadiance - HDRI Variety Pack Two