I converted Ursila for V3, an alien character, to the Genesis 2 Female base.

Initially I wanted to convert Ursila from Victoria 3 to the Genesis 3 Female base. I even purchased the Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Special Edition – Victoria 3 product so that I could just use the Victoria 3 textures on the Genesis 3 Female base. This, as it turned out, was not going to work because Genesis Generation X2 does not convert Victoria 3 meshes to Genesis 3 Female, only up-to Genesis 2 Female.

Cayman Studios does not have a “Legacy UVs for Genesis 2: Special Edition – Victoria 3” product. So that meant having to convert Victoria 3 textures, and the only product I have to do texture conversions is Texture Convertor 2 (TC2) Bundle, and that product will only convert from Victoria 3 to Victoria 4.

After converting the Victoria 3 textures to Victoria 4 I then needed to use another product to help me out, Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female. That product will add Victoria 4 UVs to the Genesis 2 Female base, only then was I able to use the converted Victoria 4 textures on my new Genesis 2 Ursila character.

Finally, I postworked with Photoshop.

Some products used in this render:

Ursila for V3
Actual Eyes 4
SV's INTENSITY Moods Iray Lights