Heliades-class space exploration vehicle. The Prometheus was this class of ship.

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Scene: An exploration team of two exit their rover and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the planet Eve-347 IV.

Vessel: Heliades-class, faster than light (FTL) capable, space exploration vehicle (SEV).

Russell Tawn’s Heliades model which he created in Lightwave 11.5. Sandro converted the model to Poser. However, he did not texture the fuselage as he did the nacelles, he used a procedural Poser shader with no UV Maps, without UV Maps there is no way to apply many DAZ Studio shaders as they require UV Maps. (I asked Sandro for UV mapped fuselage and he provided me with one.) As I am working with DAZ Studio I had to shade the fuselage and weather it to match the nacelles with just the Iray shaders in DAZ Studio. The rigging and morphs work out of the box with DAZ Studio, no issues with DAZ Studio there.

I reworked the vehicle’s lighting to follow, when possible, official aircraft navigation lighting. Port side lights Red, Starboard side lights Green, etc.

Credits: Russell Tawn the mesh designer and Sandro for the Poser rigged/semi-textured version.

I added haze (atmosphere) to the render, thanks to John Moonan (RetroDevil) for that.

The Airlock/Garage Module

Sandro did not convert the airlock/garage module. I had to tackle that one on my own. I had to UV map, texture, and rig the front and back doors to open and close and the struts to move up (retract) and down (extract). These metal PBS shaders for Iray came in very handy.

Below are three images of my finished Airlock/Garage module.

Some products used in this render:

Mars 360
Remus-02 Rover
Robot Mars